Welcoming our alumni (former students)

Fountain Gate Secondary College is developing an alumni program to help our former students keep in touch with us.

Being part of an alumni community can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Through our alumni community you can:

We’re developing the program in partnership with Ourschool, a not-for-profit pilot service that helps state secondary schools build their alumni communities.

Our alumni program will focus on these goals over the next two years:

To join our alumni community and to get involved, please email us with your preferred contact details and a brief bio.

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Sam Verhagen

Year 7 HAP Student

I enjoy being challenged by my teachers to strive and accomplish more. I enjoy making friends in that class and having a better workspace without interruptions. I also like having work that is suited to my ability and interest.

Jessica Gronhert

Year 7 College DUX

In the High Achiever program I have been able to develop my learning skills and achieve goals I once never thought possible.

Tony Van

Year 8 College DUX

The High Achiever Program gives me and others the opportunity to excel. The work is interesting and catered to my learning. I feel that the program is preparing me for my future and will give me an upper hand to VCE.

Charlotte Mager

Year 8 HAP Student

The High Achievers Program allows a brighter future and clear career path for my peers and myself. It has extended me to be able to succeed in multiple areas of study. We have been able to create a strong classroom environment where it is easy to learn, focus and make friends.

Ngoc Tran

Year 9 School Year Level Captain

Being a part of HAP for the past three years at FGSC has been something that I have always enjoyed and felt privileged to be a part of because it has provided me with an engaging academic environment by setting goals and challenges for both my peers and I. The program has allowed myself and my classmates to participate in extra-curricular programs such as Future Problem Solving, DOXA University Pathways Program, and Emerging Sciences Victoria. Through these opportunities, I have consequentially gained knowledge about the world around me and developed personal growth and skills such as leadership and teamwork – both of which are very important to me.

Jessica Nikitina-Li

Year 12 School Captain

Fountain Gate Secondary College's High Achiever's Program has really aided me in achieving success during high school. A more mature and dynamic class environment really helped me learn and grow during high school. I'm thankful for the experiences I've had with such an intelligent and ambitious group of people which have grew to be a family after so many years spent together.