Assistant Principal’s Report

Buses, Early Dismissal - Friday 22nd September 2017 (Final day of Term 3), Parent Teacher Evening for Years 7 - 12: Wednesday 13th September 2017, Alumni Program Update & Student Awards.
Thursday 07th September, 2017.
Assistant Principal, Alumni.


A reminder to families that if their child is using the bus to travel to and from school, they must have a MYKI card with enough money on the card to cover the trip.

Early Dismissal – Friday 22nd September 2017 (Final day of Term 3)

The students will be dismissed at 2.30 pm on Friday 22nd September.

Parent Teacher Evening for Years 7 – 12: Wednesday 13th September 2017

A letter explaining the arrangements for the evening and the instructions on how to confirm appointments with the teachers’ on-line appointment system will be posted home.

Appointment times can be made between 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm.

Parents who do not have access to the internet can contact Ms McAuley –Years 7&8 (8762-6822), Ms Etheridge Years 9&10 (8762-6833) or Ms Hatherall Year 11&12 (8762-6844), who will make the appointments for you.

Students will attend school as normal on this day but they will be dismissed at 2.30 pm.

It is essential that each student has a parent attend this evening. The staff will be located in the VCE Centre, C Block and G4/G5 which are the closest buildings to the corner of Josephine Avenue and Victoria Road. We encourage all parents of Years 7 – 12 to attend.

Alumni Program Update

As mentioned previously, Fountain Gate is one of eight State Schools chosen in the country to be developing an Alumni Program with the support of VASSP and NFP service provider Ourschool. To assist with developing and driving this Program, alumna Jasmine Gonzalez (Class of 2016) is working alongside Elise Dunstan who is the Ourschool Program Manager.

Together, Elise and Jasmine are working together to grow awareness amongst our school community through various means and platforms. They addressed the Year 11 and 12 students at a recent assembly to inform the senior students about the program and encourage them to self-identify (especially if they have alumni siblings) and share their experiences of school and aspirations for their future with Elise and Jasmine.

The College has set up a specific Alumni Program email address to help bridge communications between community members and the school. If you are an Alumna (Ex Student) of Fountain Gate Secondary College or previously Eumemmering College, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Elise and Jasmine can be contacted via this email.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7B: I. Norzai
7C: M. Kardigar
7H: A. Cindric
7I: E. Volange
8C: J. Greenwood
10D: K. Holtzhausen, T. Rice

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins
Assistant Principals