Financial Hardship

In cases of financial hardship, the school encourages parents to access the Casey North Community Information & Support Service. This service offers zero-interest loans for eligible families. More information is available from the school office, or in “this brochure”.

If parents are still unable to purchase their own device, the school can provide a long-term loan device. Please note:

Lost Case$30
Lost power adapter$30
Individual broken key (where keyboard replacement is not required)Gold coin donation to State Schools Relief charity.
Multiple broken keys, or where whole keyboard replacement is required$30
Screen damage (cracking, etc)$50
Case damage (cracking, bending, etc)$50
Complete loss/theft$100, and must complete statutory declaration
Failure to return deviceFull replacement cost ($500)

As a last resort, students can be provided with a Daily Loan device. This device must be borrowed from the Library before school each day, and returned to the Library before 4:00PM. There is no cost for Daily Loan devices.